Socialist Review issue

October 2009 #340

Sir! No sir!


by Jan Majicek

Big celebrations took place when US president Barack Obama announced that his administration had dropped plans to base a missile defence radar in...

by Anindya Bhattacharyya

This summer saw a sinister new development on the far right of British politics.

by Christophe Chataigné

On the morning of 22 September French riot police razed a makeshift camp in Calais where mostly Afghan refugees were living as they waited to...

by Patrick Ward

The current bickering between the three major parties about cuts in public spending started with accusations being tossed between them over who...

by Patrick Ward

Foreign secretary David Miliband wrote in the Guardian last month on the impending UN security council meeting on nuclear disarmament.

by Patrick Ward

Our increasingly poverty-stricken MPs are having an apparently tough time keeping up with debt repayments.


Judith Orr

The war in Iraq left the country in ruins and the occupation in Afghanistan is being questioned on a scale not seen since the 2001 invasion.

Sabah Jawad

Sabah Jawad has just returned from Iraq. He reports on a country still devastated by the effects of the war and explains how the very foundations of society have been shattered by the US.

Dahr Jamail

Growing numbers of US soldiers are refusing to go and fight what they see as immoral wars, reports Dahr Jamail, who has recently written a book on the soldiers who won't return to the battlefield...

John Tipple

Lance Corporal Joe Glenton has been a soldier for five years. He first went to Afghanistan in 2006, but refused to return. Next month he faces a court martial for desertion.

Laura Miles

New Labour has had 13 years to tackle inequality but the underfunded and toothless equalities watchdog falls far short of what's needed.

Paul Brown

Braille was created 200 years ago by a blind school student. Paul Brown celebrates the fight of blind people to win its acceptance.

Charlie Hore

The 60th anniversary of the Chinese Revolution will be marked by the customary orchestrated celebrations in Tiananmen Square. In the first of a short series on China, Charlie Hore looks at how the...


Letter from
by Luke Stobart

In response to recent right wing attacks, workers are organising to put pressure on Hugo Chávez to deepen the revolution, reports Luke Stobart.

In my view column
by Lindsey German

"I myself have never been able to find out precisely what feminism is: I only know that people call me a feminist whenever I express sentiments that differentiate me from a doormat."

Union-made column
by Richard McEwan

At the time of writing, UCU members at Tower Hamlets College in East London have been on all-out strike for three weeks.

In perspective column
by Chris Harman

Economic "reforms" for increased growth are often justified by the ruling class as being good for everyone. But what is the truth behind the statistics?

Culture column
by Pat Stack

Last month James Murdoch, son of Rupert and CEO of News Corporation, gave a keynote lecture at the Edinburgh International Television Festival.


by Alys Zaerin

I would like to disagree with Tariq Ali's assertion (Interview, Socialist Review, September 2009) that the "mood in...

by Sara El Sheekh

I agree with Ghada Karmi that there is no other solution than a one-state solution in Palestine (Feature, Socialist...

by Bassem Chit

I have read Ghada Karmi's piece with great interest. She gives an excellent insight on the current political...

by John Rose

Your enthusiastic endorsement of A Child in Palestine: The cartoons of Naji al-Ali (Reviews, Socialist Review, July/...


by Graham Turner

Economist and author Graham Turner talked to Socialist Review about his new book No Way to Run the Economy, why he believes Keynes is misunderstood and what he has learned from Marxist economics...


by Mark L Thomas

John Kampfner, Simon & Schuster, £18.99

by Sadie Robinson

Eric Holt-Gimenez and Raj Patel, Fahamu Books; £12.95

by Sinéad Kennedy

The opening pages of Joseph Conrad's novel Heart of Darkness contain a powerful description of the ideology of imperialism: "The conquest of the not a pretty thing when you look into it...

by Bob Light

Thomas Keneally, Sceptre; £17.99

by Martin Smith

Tom Behan, Pluto Press; £18.99

by Yuri Prasad

Tariq Ali, Verso; £12.99

by Dave Renton

Michael Mansfield, Bloomsbury; £20

by Simon Basketter

Paul Stewart, Ken Murphy, Andy Danford, Tony Richardson, Mike Richardson and Vicki Wass, Pluto; £19.99

by Patrick Ward

Iain Banks, Little, Brown; £12.99

by Judith Orr

Dahr Jamail, Haymarket; £14.99

by Keith Flett

David Horspool, Viking; £25


Edward Carpenter - Tariq Ali - Caledonia - Hamzat's journey

by Andrew Barlow

Director Marco Bechis; Release date: out now

by Colin Wilson

Directors Jacques Martineau and Olivier Ducastel; Release date: out now

by Christophe Chataigné

Director Robert Guédiguian; Release date: 2 October

by Steve Henshall

Directors Mike Wayne and Deirdre O'Neill

by Jack Farmer

By Lucy Prebble, Royal Court Theatre, London; Until 7 November

by Mark Brown

21st anniversary

Five Things Listing

London Film Festival - Richard Hawley - Africa in motion - Anish Kapoor - The Grapes of Wrath