Socialist Review issue

September 2002 #266

Who let the bombs out?


by Editorial

August was a bad month for hawks.

by Andrew Stone

With a 10 million square mile, 3 kilometre thick mass of soot and carbon monoxide hovering over South Asia, central Europe still recovering from...

Starbucks coffee cup sizes - London congestion charge - Lords head companies

by Peter Morgan

The future of London's annual gay and lesbian Mardi Gras is in doubt. Organisers claim it lost nearly £450,000.

by Andrew Stone

Germany's 22 September general election, widely predicted as the deathknell for the ruling Red-Green coalition, has suddenly become a result that...

by Kevin Ovenden

The pressure for strikes is rising and could lead to major confrontations with the government this autumn.

by Chris Harman

'There Was No Rebellion' screamed the banner headline of Venezuela's biggest newspaper after the country's supreme court threw out charges against...

by Neve Gordon

Israeli defence minister Binyamin Ben-Eliezer recently reached an agreement with Palestinian interior minister Abdel Razak Yehiyah called the '...


Lindsey German

The 'war on terror' was meant to bring peace. Instead, we are on the edge of much greater war with Iraq.

Dragan Plavsic

Is New Labour fighting terrorism or restricting our rights?

Solomon Hughes

Pensions--once the bedrock of the welfare state--are under attack as never before. Solomon Hughes explains why this is connected to the spread of global capital.

Nick Grant

Labour's crude currency of success in education is the market.

Sabby Sagall

Sabby Sagall looks at the hidden history of support for international causes among British workers.


by Martin Empson

With the Johannesburg summit on sustainable development happening at the beginning of September, there are a number of websites giving alternative views to an event which will see large amounts of...

by The Walrus

Who will miss the trade unions' lousiest right wing double act?

by Chris Harman

Chris Harman wonders whatever happened to the US economy's 'new paradigm'.

by Mike Gonzalez

Holidays promise imagined places but only give us the familiar.

by Pat Stack

Do football and finance mix? Like oil and water.


by Diane Adam, by Sarah Benichou

We are from the French group Socialisme par en bas and we have read the letters (July/August SR) on the Chirac vote.

by Andy Jones

I disagree with those who argue it was right for socialists to call for a vote for Chirac in the second round of the French presidential elections (July/August SR).

by Tony Phillips

John Shemeld, Jamie Rankin and Phil Webster argue that it was right to call for a vote for Chirac in the French presidential elections (July/August SR).

by Andy Newman

John Shemeld's letter (July/August SR) was well argued. Indeed for five minutes he convinced me.

by Paul Flewers

Sabby Sagall's article on anti-Semitism (July/August SR) takes a very superficial attitude towards anti-Jewish sentiments in the Middle East.

by Roni Margulies

Joe Cardwell and Mike Gonzalez are absolutely right to emphasise the links between sport and nationalism (July/August SR).

by Rachel Aldred

In his article on asylum seekers, 'Labour puts asylum seekers in focus' (July/August SR) Solomon Hughes refers to focus groups as 'guided discussions which reflect the prejudices of their...

by W Hayes

Martin Smith's otherwise reasonable article on trade unionism (July/August SR) was spoiled by an inaccuracy.

by Martin Smith

I apologise to Billy Hayes for any misunderstanding.


by John Parrington

Sir John Sulston, former director of the human genome mapping project, talks to John Parrington.


Art / Exhibitions
by Martin Empson

Review of 'Crisis', exhibition by Jess Hurd and Alke Schmidt, Vaults @ The Foundry, Shoreditch, London and of 'You are G8, We are 6 Billion' by Jonathan Neale, Vision £10

by Mark Brown

Review of 'Six Days of War', Michael B Oren, Oxford University Press £25

by Susan Ram

Review of 'The Pig and the Skyscraper', Marco d'Eramo, Verso £20

by Michael Rosen

Review of 'The Edge', Alan Gibbons, Orion Books £4.99

by Chris Bambery

Review of 'The Moro Affair', Leonardo Sciascia, Granta £7.99

by Tim Sanders

Review of 'Jose Clemente Orozco in the United States', eds. Renato Gonzáles Mello and Diane Miliotes, WW Norton £40.00

by Geoff Brown

Review of 'The Complete Works of Isaac Babel', ed. Nathalie Babel, Picador £30.00

by Dave Renton

Review of 'What is History Now?', ed. David Cannadine, Macmillan £19.99

by Andy Jones

Review of 'Private Planet', David Cromwell, Jon Carpenter Publishing £12.99

by Dragan Plavsic

Review of 'Road to Perdition', director Sam Mendes

by Kambiz Boomla

Review of 'Secret Ballot', director Babak Payami

by Steve Smith

Dystopias on film

by David Shonfield

Review of 'The Coast of Utopia: Voyage, Shipwreck, Salvage' by Tom Stoppard, National Theatre, London

by Mark Brown

Review of Edinburgh Festival Theatre, Edinburgh