Socialist Review issue

September 2007 #317

Tony Benn


by Chris Harman

As we go to press the financial panic that made the headlines across the world in August seems to have subsided.

by Haroon Khalil

The election season in Pakistan has brought a feeling of disenchantment with parliamentary politics for a large section of the country.

by Patrick Ward

Readers may remember a story in the July/August edition of ...

by Hsiao-Hung Pai

"If you don't know who employs you, you can lose your job at any time," said a Polish hotel worker. "I feel this insecurity about my future in...

by Patrick Ward

The prime minister has asked Commission for Equalities and Human Rights chair Trevor Phillips to organise a strategy for tackling the appeal of...

by Patrick Ward

"Quentin Davies is a senior parliamentarian and he commands respect on all sides," said Gordon Brown of the ex Tory minister's defection to the...


Gehan Shabaan

Dr Alaa Al Aswany's first published novel, The Yacoubian Building, provoked fury from the Egyptian regime, but has captured the imagination of the Egyptian public. Gehan Shabaan asks the...

Kevin Devine

As public sector unions organise to resist Gordon Brown's pay freeze Kevin Devine asks what lies behind the government's obsession that higher wages cause inflation


Letter from
by Paul Haste

The rise of the first left opposition in Colombia for 20 years is having an impact throughout Colombian society, argues Paul Haste

In my view column
by Lindsey German

The ferment over the US subprime mortgage market, which has been helping to make the money markets so unsteady in recent weeks, tends to ignore one aspect: people are so desperate to obtain decent...

Union-made column
by Billy Hayes

"The affairs of the world are ordered in accordance with orthodox opinions. Owen saw that in the world a small class of people were possessed of a great abundance.

In perspective column
by Chris Harman

As many look to radical alternatives to the barbaric system of capital, the ideas of philosophers such as Slavoj Žižek have struck a chord. But beneath the surface of his post-Marxist arguments,...

A-Z of Socialism
by Colin Barker

The phrase the "dictatorship of the proletariat" is famous, and much misunderstood. It's certainly liable to frighten the bourgeoisie. The difficulty is, it's also liable to frighten our side.


by Tony Barnsley

The summer floods in Britain were the latest example of weather patterns becoming more extreme due to the effects of global warming.

by Miriam Scharf

Chris Harman's article on Palestine (Feature, Socialist Review July/August 2007) stresses the importance of...

by Rebecca Johnson

I couldn't agree more with Lindsey German that progress to liberate women needs to continue (Feature, Socialist Review,...

by Stewart Halforty

Kamil Mahdi's article (Frontlines, Socialist Review July/August 2007) gave a valuable glimpse of the struggle...

by Ted Dyment

Sorry to send you guys a spitball, but here it is. You screwed up the name of the single most famous union in the history of the planet.


by Tony Benn, by Lindsey German, by Judith Orr

Gordon Brown, the Left outside the Labour Party and the power of popular protest - Tony Benn speaks to Lindsey German and Judith Orr


by Barry Pavier

Yasmin Khan, Yale University Press, £20

by Hsiao-Hung Pai

Arun Kundnani, Pluto Press, £15.99

by Lindsey German

Elaheh Rostami-Povey, Zed Books, £15.99

by Colin Wilson

Fadhil al-Azzawi, American University in Cairo Press, £13.50

by Jamie Allinson

Gavan McCormack, Verso, £17.99

by Simon Basketter

Francis Beckett, Haus, £10.99

by Roxanna Benge

Ray Bush, Pluto Press, £19.99

by Chris Nineham

Noam Chomsky and Gilbert Achcar, Hamish Hamilton, £16.99

by John Charlton

Malcolm Chase, Manchester University Press, £15

by Paul O'Brien

Janet Todd, Profile Books, £17.99

by James Barr

Alistair Horne, Penguin Books, £9.99, £12.99 and £12.99

by Jane Bassett

Stephen Murdoch, Duckworth Press, £20

by Christophe Chataigné

Jean Bricmont, Monthly Review Press, £12.99

by Nick Clark

Director: Ken Loach; Late September Channel 4

by Patrick Ward

Director: Gary Love; Release date: out now

by Mubin Haq

Director: Corneliu Porumboiu; Release date: out now

by Paul Sillett

Director: Julian Glibey

by Jacqui Freeman

Jean Renoir Collection, Optimum Releasing £44.99, Jean Renoir at the Barbican, 2 to 30 September 2007

by Louis Bayman

Director: Nanni Moretti; Optimum Releasing, £17.99

by Keith McKenna


by Martin Smith

It was a sad day for jazz and music in general when, on 16 August 2007, it was announced that Max Roach had died.