Socialist Review issue

September 2010 #350

Tories declare war


by Jack Farmer

With up to 50 percent cuts looming, it looks like the party's over at the "Ministry of Fun".

by Patrick Ward

There has been a lot of talk on newspaper technology pages recently about the threat to "net neutrality" - the principle that all information...

by Jeffery R Webber

The streets of the city of Potosí, 600 kilometres south east of the capital, La Paz, are desolate, distended with the uncollected garbage of 18...

by Patrick Ward

While most school students face an uncertain future of dilapidated school buildings and funding cuts, one section of society already receives...

by Patrick Ward

Your Freedom, a new Downing Street website through which people can suggest ways in which civil liberties can be restored and unnecessary laws...


Judith Orr

The Con-Dem coalition has launched an all-out assault on the public sector and the welfare state in the name of reducing the budget deficit. What will be the impact of these austerity measures?...

Martin Empson

The environmental record of a government that once described itself as "the greenest ever" is already deeply worrying.

Dave Crouch

As the war in Afghanistan continues without an end in sight, Dave Crouch delves into the testimony of serving soldiers to reveal the full horror of an unwinnable conflict.


Letter from
by Roni Margulies

It has been a hot summer in Turkey. For two months it hasn't dipped below 30°C even in the cooler parts of the country, but the political temperature has been even higher.

In my view column
by Sasha Callaghan

"In our new welfare contract our message is simple. Do the right thing and we will back you all the way but fail to take responsibility and the free ride is over" - A New Welfare Contract, the...

In perspective column
by Yuri Prasad

Low-paid workers in the Global South are often dismissed as powerless. But Bangladeshi garment workers are leading a fightback.

Culture column
by Martin Smith

Earlier this summer I found myself walking around the Pilsen district of Chicago. Migrant Mexican workers settled in the neighbourhood in the 1960s.


Queer - Gaza - Sex work


by Geoff Brown, by Sartaj Khan

The recent floods have caused devastation in Pakistan, leading to an estimated 20 million people losing their homes and livelihoods. Karachi socialist Sartaj Khan tells Geoff Brown about the...

by Louis Bayman, by Erik Gandini

As both politician and media magnate, Silvio Berlusconi arguably holds more power than any Italian leader since Mussolini. Erik Gandini spoke to Louis Bayman about his documentary film, Videocracy...


by Patrick Ward

William Parry, Pluto Press, £15

by Jack Farmer

John Sommerfield, London Books, £11.99

by Martin Empson

Howard Zinn, City Lights, £8.99

by Chloe Glover

François Houtart, Pluto, £17.99

by Colin Wilson

Richard Hornsey, University of Minnesota, £15.50

by Andrew Stone

Daniel Pennac, MacLehose, £16.99

by Jonny Jones

Ken Macleod, Orbit, £18.99

by Charlotte Bence

Mark Curtis, Serpent's Tail, £12.99

by Luke Evans

Alain Badiou, Verso, £12.99

by Dave Crouch

Paul McGeough, New Press, £13.99

by Helen Salmon

Tony Barnsley, Bookmarks, £6.99


Zizek – Mr Casement – Smile or Die - Tolpuddle

by Jonathan Maunder

Director: Julia Bacha; Release date: 24 September

by Patrick Ward

Director: Fritz Lang; Release date: 10 September

by Mark Bergfeld

Directors: Laura Gabbert and Justin Schein; Release date: 3 September

by Viv Smith

Director: Daniel Alfredson; Release date: out now

by Keith McKenna

It was difficult to miss the Guantanamo installation when arriving at Edinburgh's West End during the festival. Orange-suited figures, hooded and cuffed, were squeezed into various points of St...

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by Simon Guy

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