Socialist Review issue

September 2014 #394

September 2014
Palestine, the Arab Revolutions and global solidarity


by Dave Sewell
The sudden purge of France’s cabinet was neither the beginning nor the end of the crisis that has gripped French politics under Socialist Party...
by Mark L Thomas
David Cameron probably has had better days as prime minister than when one of his Eurospectic MPs, Douglas Carswell, defected to Ukip. Even worse,...
Hands up. Don't shoot!
by Weyman Bennett

The shooting of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, a suburb of St Loius in Missouri, sparked a wave of anger and protest in America...


Gaza demo London
Simon Assaf

Israel's punishing war on the Palestinians has left the Gaza Strip in ruins. But the Israeli military failed in its main objective, to break the spirit of resistance and cow the population.

Jerusalem, 2001
John Rose
This question might seem absurd in the light of the appalling slaughter of Palestinian civilians by Israel in the past months. Indeed hasn’t the entire history of the Israeli state since its...
Victims of the Holocaust
Rob Ferguson

As the Zionists’ use of the Holocaust to defend Israel’s racism and military aggression begins to falter, the need to insist on its universal lessons has become greater than ever.

Death from the sky
Sally Campbell

The century since the slaughter in the First World War has been littered with endless more bloody wars. Sally Campbell argues the drive to war is not accidental but inherent in the logic of...

Black and white strike together
Brian Richardson

A recent survey suggests racial prejudice in Britain is increasing. Some argue this explains the rise of Ukip. Brian Richardson argues that the real picture is much more contradictory and complex...

First International
Christian Høgsbjerg

One hundred a fifty years ago a meeting in London met to found the first international workers’ organisation, the International Working Men’s Association. Christian Høgsbjerg shows how Karl Marx...


Letter from
by Ron Margulies
The rise and rise of Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdogan continues. From mayor of Istanbul, then prime minister for 12 years, and now president. Over this period he has won three general elections,...
In perspective column
by Matt Foot

The police are facing a major crisis, caught between endless revelations about cover-ups and injustice, as well as government cuts. Matt Foot looks at the turmoil in a once monolithic arm of the...

Yestival, Scotland
Culture column
by Mark Brown
One of the most exciting aspects of the Scottish referendum campaign has been the way in which it has reinvigorated political debate and civic life across the country. The flourishing of activism has...
by Mark Brown

The biggest news story of the 2014 Edinburgh Festival Fringe was the successful boycott of two state-funded Israeli productions.


by David Paenson, by Paul Jenkins and Talat Ahmed

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by John Newsinger

Regular readers of Owen Jones’s various newspaper and magazine articles will be aware that there are, in fact, two Owen Joneses. The radical Jones and the responsible Jones. One week the radical...

by Kevin Corr

In early 1917 Lenin wrote to his close friend Inessa Armand, “I am still completely ‘in love’ with Marx and Engels and I can’t stand to hear them abused. No really they are the genuine article.”...

by John Duff

There has been a row in educational circles recently about the teaching of history in schools in response to former Secretary of State for Education Michael Gove’s attempts to “reform” the history...

by Rebecca Bryson

Many Socialist Review readers will have already read or heard of St Pauli football club and its cult-like left-wing following, and of the fans’ staunch opposition to fascism, sexism, racism and...

by Sarah Ensor

Journalist Laurie Penny’s second book, Unspeakable Things, argues that “feminism is a tool to build a better world” and that “a change of consciousness is coming that will bring sexual and social...

by Liz Wheatley

Reading this book in the month of Michael Brown’s murder in Ferguson it’s tempting to ask if anything has really changed in the US in the 100 years since Roebuck ‘Pops’ Staples was born.


Woman with a Rake
Art / Exhibitions
by Roger Huddle

Tate Modern, London, until 26 October
The curators at Tate Modern have assembled, quite simply, a magnificent exhibition. Kazimir Malevich was born near Kiev in 1879. He died in 1935...

by Ursula Hawthorne

Directed by Matthew Warchus, released 12 September
Pride is an inspiring and joyful film set during the miners’ strike of 1984. It tells the story of the formation of the first...

A Most Wanted Man
by Sacha Simic

Director Anton Corbyn, released 12 September
In his last film role Philip Seymour Hoffman is outstanding as Günther Bachmann, the head of a small Intelligence unit in present-day...

Manuscripts Don’t Burn
by Christine Lewis

Director Mohammad Rasoulof, released 12 September
Dissident Iranian Mohammad Rasoulof’s Manuscripts Don’t Burn is a brave and brutal depiction of corruption, violence and state...

Salvatore Giuliano
by Bob Light

Director Francesco Rosi, re-released 12 September
It is exciting news that we can once again see Francesco Rosi’s Salvatore Giuliano on the big screen. It is a very special movie....

by Jenny Sutton

Almeida Theatre, London, until 4 October
Little Revolution depicts the riots of summer 2011 through the diverse voices of Hackney residents. The playwright, Alecky Blythe, who appears...