Chemical weapons

A brief history of chemical weapons

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First World War
Chemical weapons were deployed for the first time in warfare. Chlorine and phosgene gases were released from canisters and dispersed by the wind. It is estimated that 90,000 died as a result. In 1916 the British government established the Porton Down facility in Wiltshire to research and develop chemical weapons.

Britain's invasion of Soviet Russia
In 1919 Winston Churchill authorised the use of chemical weapons in northern Russia as part of the attempt to overthrow the new Soviet regime.

A Delivery from the Inside

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Remember the recent anthrax case in the US last year which led to the deaths of five people, with 13 others being infected?

Such was the hysteria at the time that US senators were forced to evacuate their offices for two months because they thought anthrax had found its way into the air conditioning system. The scare was also used to justify the military build-up in preparation for the war against Afghanistan. We were told that the person sending anthrax was a terrorist, possibly a supporter of Al Qaida or Saddam Hussein.

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