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Tinseltown Tarnished

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I don't agree with Nigel Davey's review of David Lynch's new film, 'Mulholland Drive' (January SR).

This film is a savage attack on the Hollywood dream factory dressed up as a mystery thriller. It is 'Sunset Boulevard' seen from the opposite end of the casting couch.

What David Lynch depicts in this film 'montage'--like the Norma Desmond character in 'Sunset Boulevard'--is an actor suffocating in the vicious, corrupt atmosphere of the Hollywood system.

It is the story of a young hopeful, Betty, who arrives, childlike, in Tinseltown pumped up with dreams generated by the alluring monster Hollywood.

Not At Its Peak

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Review of 'Mulholland Drive', director David Lynch

David Lynch's new mystery thriller, Mulholland Drive, was initially conceived as a pilot show for what was intended to be a television series, presumably in the same format as Twin Peaks. It centres on the relationship between two actresses. One is fresh and naive, the all-American type of character which Lynch uses in lots of his work. She is countered by a more established actress who has obviously been scarred by her own experience in the film industry. She is also suffering from amnesia.

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