Jimmy Savile

The roots of child abuse

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Recent sexual abuse scandals have highlighted the vulnerability of children in care and the collusion of the state in covering it up. But, argues Sheila McGregor, child abuse is not the result of human nature or evil people. Its roots lie in the very nature of the family itself.

The recent revelations about Jimmy Savile's predatory sexual behaviour and the accompanying cover-ups by the BBC continue to send shock waves through society. All of a sudden we seem to be being overwhelmed with revelations of men in positions of influence as sexual predators.

No one could fail to be disgusted by the way in which Jimmy Savile was given free rein to follow his sexual agenda inside the BBC and in various children's homes. The cover up by the BBC was equally sickening.

Crisis at the BBC - should we care?

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After the appalling revelations about child abuse by Jimmy Savile and others the BBC has been plunged into crisis. Yet some of those attacking the BBC are media magnates and newspapers who would profit from its demise. Sue Sparks asks, should socialists defend the BBC as a public service broadcaster?

The BBC is facing one of the most serious crises in its history. This article is not about the facts or causes of this particular crisis; rather I want to look at the response of socialists to the attack on the BBC.

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