Locked out of Fortress Europe

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Socialist Review spoke to Georgios Tsiakalos, an academic and social justice campaigner, on the human cost of the EU’s increasingly draconian measures against immigrants and asylum seekers.

Georgios Tsiakalos (born 1946) is a professor emeritus of Pedagogy at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki where he has worked since 1985. He holds a PhD in Science from Christian Albrecht University in Kiel, and a PhD in Philosophy (Pedagogy) from the University of Bremen. His research and publications cover the fields of Population Genetics, Critique of Sociobiology, Racism, Social Exclusion and Poverty, Education of Minorities and Immigrants, Educational Reforms and more.

Stepping into a hostile environment

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We conclude our analysis of the plight of migrants with Part 2 of Refugees Under Siege, by a Calais-based refugee activist. In it, we look at what awaits refugees who make it to Britain.

I f the refugees make it to Britain, they exchange one hostile environment for another. Sajid Javid, while Home Secretary, first declared it a national emergency that a small number of refugees were getting across the Channel on boats. Since then the vitriol has expanded and the situation for refugees who arrive has worsened. Priti Patel has launched a full-scale assault on those who cross, backed by the whole of the Cabinet, every Tory MP, most of the press and of course, the far right.

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