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The Precariat

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Guy Standing

The government's £81 billion cuts have raised the stakes in the war against the welfare state. Can the organised working class, who fought for and still support the welfare state, save it?

For Guy Standing in his new book, The Precariat, this is not even the right question. For him the key division in the world is no longer that between the ruling class and the working class. A new class structure has emerged: an elite, a salariat, a weak working class and a dangerous new social class - the precariat.

Targeting temporary workers

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The recent gains of employment rights for temporary workers, such as the enforcement of equal pay and sick leave, have been a great step forward for a much under-represented section of the working class.

We should be in no doubt, however, that the motivation for this compromise. Gordon Brown and his big business pals intend to strengthen their hand in continuing their opposition to the proposed European Union (EU) Agency Workers Directive, which proposes far more progress.


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